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New Summer Youth Academy – BMAC Aviation Ground School
Lex KY – SUN 30 JUN – SAT 06 JUL

While many youth are learning new dribbling, hitting and kicking skills at basketball, baseball, soccer camps this summer, another small group of young adults 15 and up are spending their week at the new BMAC Aviation Ground School being held at the Kentucky National Guard Armory and Aviation Museum of KY in Lexington. The mission for the week is to prepare these youth to take and pass the FAA written examination for the Sport Pilot Certification.

Although this is the first year that the Bluegrass Military Affairs Coalition has held the Aviation Ground School (AVG), students have traveled a long way to be one of the students at this summer youth academy.

Students reported to the academy SUN 30 JUN prepared to learn from experienced aviators who were ready to impart personal flying experiences.  Through SAT 7 JUL, the students will be participating in class throughout the day 0800-1630 with a two-hour mandatory study session 1900-2100 each evening to receive 44 hours of live instruction during the week. Each student takes two written quizzes daily to ensure instruction is being absorbed. The purpose of this intensive education is to prepare students to understand aviation and to pass the FAA examinations in order to fly airplanes as a licensed private pilot.

This course covers such topics as navigation, meteorology, Federal Aviation Regulations, instruments, radio facilities, procedures, and theory of flight.  At the conclusion of the course, the student will be qualified to take the FAA Private Pilot written examination.

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