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Due to fundraising efforts by member volunteers and generous donors, BMAC awarded $60,000 in educational support and health and human services for 2010-12. This is just a start because many KY Wounded Warriors will need help for their lifetimes. We invite you to join the BMAC team to help us do more in each succeeding year so we can increase public education and support for those who need our assistance. Financial donations and volunteer efforts will help KY Wounded Warriors in phases of rehabilitation, recovery and the road to reclaiming the full potential for living fulfilled lives in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The KY Wounded Warriors Program is an independent operation of BMAC that focuses attention and resources in the Commonwealth of Kentucky to benefit KY Wounded Warriors. It is not affiliated with national wounded warrior projects or foundations. BMAC is a 501(c)3 non-profit tax exempt educational organization incorporated and operated in the Commonwealth of Kentucky (EIN 77-0595272).

Since 9/11/01, less than one half of one percent of 310 million Americans has served in the Armed Forces of the United States. Serving through continuous training and multiple deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, the Philippines, Africa and other places on land and sea, they have battled terrorists and pirates to defend our Constitution, democracy and freedom loving people in foreign lands. For over a decade, the volunteers of our military have paid a high price for the dream of liberty and justice for all. All Veterans follow in the footsteps of those who previously served in uniform and deserve lifetime recognition and honor by fellow citizens for their service and sacrifices. Just like in other wars, some military members return from combat with severe wounds for life. They struggle to overcome burdens too difficult for most of us to imagine, continuing to fight and wanting only to be everyday Americans like the rest of us. They need extra help for the rest of their lives.


While the Armed Forces of the US and Veterans Administration are doing all they can to help our nation’s Wounded Warriors, there is a limit to their efforts. At some point, every Veteran returns home to receive the care that only family members, friends and local volunteers can provide. It is the tender loving care, or TLC, that we all need and want when hurting from physical and mental wounds. BMAC provides information and education to the public about the status and needs of our military and its Veterans. As an IRS recognized 501c3 non-profit organization, BMAC facilitates and conducts fundraising in the private sector to supplement government funded programs, especially for KY Wounded Warriors who participate in some of the events and activities near their homes and benefit from grants made to help them.


BMAC, through its coalition member organizations, sponsors, donors and volunteers, has made a positive impact on the lives of KY Wounded Warriors and their families. During KY Wounded Warriors Week 2010, 11 & 12, BMAC members have heard heartfelt appreciation from KY Wounded Warriors and military members who served the nation in combat since 9/11/2001. Whether visiting the Wounded Warrior Battalions at Ft. Knox or Ft. Campbell, VA Medical Centers or university campuses…Veterans and family members have expressed their thanks to BMAC for the educational and personal support of fellow Kentuckians. They have inspired BMAC members to become more engaged as they learn about the lifetime of caring these hometown Warriors will need.

Annually, BMAC members have taught young Veterans to appreciate the game of golf in one afternoon; and, educated them about their KY heritage in visits to Thoroughbred breeding farms and Keeneland racing and sales. KY Wounded Warriors standing on the goal line have been welcomed home and loudly cheered by 65,000 UK football fans. Young Veterans and their spouses have been successfully assisted by BMAC to find employment in KY.

BMAC has facilitated public events that have enabled thousands of Kentuckians to learn about and show their appreciation to KY Wounded Warriors, but there is so much more to be done. We’ve seen tears of joy from Warriors and their family members experiencing moments of mending that are so necessary for their futures in communities across Kentucky.


Whether recovering from physical wounds and amputations, TBI or PTSD, our newest Veterans have fears and apprehensions upon returning home. When they meet with fellow Veterans from previous eras who tell stories and jokes about their military experiences, smiles spread across faces and there is an easing of tensions and troubles on their minds. The new found bonds across time assure younger Veterans that they and their generation are recognized and greatly appreciated by older Vets for their service and sacrifices on behalf of fellow citizens of the community, commonwealth and nation.


The first thing you can do is to recognize the fact that it takes money to provide benefits to our young KY Veterans and Wounded Warriors.

Proceeds from partnerships, sponsorships and events provide support and benefits to military members, Veterans and their families. BMAC makes financial grants to Kentucky National Guard military family support groups; Soldier and Family Assistance Centers at Ft. Knox and Ft. Campbell Burial Honors Unit and youth military career exploration units.

Please, consider becoming a BMAC Annual Partner or Event Sponsor for any of the BMAC events. Register your team to play golf in one of the KY Wounded Warriors Golf Tournaments or attend the KY Wounded Warriors Silent Auction and bid on quality merchandise. If your company offers employees payroll deducations for charitable giving, please put BMAC on the list of approved 501(c)(3) non-profits. If you have a used car that you would like to donate, please make a donation on behalf of BMAC.

Communicate with us and commit to the level of financial funding, today. Your commitment will help BMAC volunteers focus on providing more and better services during the year.


Secondly, you can offer your employees opportunities to become engaged as a BMAC Team Leader or Team Member, meeting with others to provide services, programs and events that benefit KY Wounded Warriors, military members, cadets, Veterans and their families. We encourage civilians to become engaged as volunteers to meet the young men and women who volunteered to serve our nation in the Armed Forces of the United States.

We want Veterans of all eras to join coalition member local organizations like the Air Force Association, Navy League, Marine Corps League, Military Officers Association of America, Reserve Officers Association, Marine Corps Coordinating Council of KY, VFW and American Legion to engage in their services and programs.

In 2010, BMAC began conducting KY Wounded Warriors Week to provide fun activities for rehabilitating military members from Ft. Campbell, Ft. Knox and Lexington VA Medical Center. The positive interaction during between Veterans and civilians with these recovering warriors in itself is rehabilitating.



Thank you for the BMAC donation to be used to purchase items in support of our Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation New Dawn program.”
DeWayne Hamlin, Director
Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Lexington, KY

On behalf of Soldiers and Families at Ft. Campbell, you generous donation is gladly accepted and sincerely appreciated. Your kindness is admirable and epitomizes the virtues of the American spirit. Ft Campbell Soldiers and their Families are truly grateful to BMAC as a friend and supporter. Air Assault!”
Robert E. Vail, Director

Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation
“Through BMAC’s exceptional generosity to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund, Marines and sailors injured in combat, training or with life threatening illnesses will receive much needed assistance with expenses incurred by families during hospitalization, recovery and rehabilitation, as well as specialized equipment, adaptive vans and handicap home acquistions and/or modifications.”
Ed Armento, Secretary
Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Kentucky

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