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County Judge Executives and their Fiscal Courts in Central Kentucky are flying the colors of Kentucky’s only combat division, the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Ft Campbell KY, from the flagpole in front of county courthouses or other prominent buildings during the 2010-11 deployment to Afghanistan. The 101st ABN DIV AA colors are currently flying in about 35 counties of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Flying the division colors is a demonstration of support to 20,000 Screaming Eagles that Kentuckians supported them during their most recent of six deployments since 9/11/01 to fight wars on foreign soil against terrorists who are direct threats to the U.S. and its interests.

On 13 FEB 2010, BMAC and many community and business leaders in 17 counties signed the Bluegrass Armed Forces Community Covenant on behalf of citizens in central Kentucky. Participating in this project is one way citizens can demonstrate their support of Kentucky military members who voluntarily defend our nation and their families who live in our communities. If you would like to participate, please contact the office of your County Judge Executive.


Clark County (Winchester),
County Judge Executive Henry Branham

The 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) shown flying in front of the Clark County Courthouse.


Fayette County (Lexington)
County Judge Executive Jon Larson
(Former Mayor Jim Newberry initially arranged for the flag to be flown at the Lexington History Museum.)

left-right: Tom Baker, Mayor Jim Newberry, Jim McGary, Rick Curtis

Franklin County (Frankfort)
County Judge/Executive Ted Collins

County Judge/Executive Ted Collins authorized flying the colors of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) at Lakeview Park, 118 Park Avenue, Frankfort, KY, as part of BMAC Operation County Flagpoles.

Shown holding the flag (left to right): Front Row – Cpt. Will Blevins, CW3 Scott MCauley. Second Row – Bob Barker, Judge/Executive Ted Collins, Aaron Cardwell, Bill Mathews, Sgt. Christopher Vaught, Oscar LaFontaine

Flying the colors of Kentucky’s infantry combat division shows participation in the Bluegrass Armed Forces Community Covenant that was signed 13 FEB 2010 by Judge Collins along with mayors and county judge/executives in central Kentucky. The covenant was signed to encourage citizens in each county to provide support for deployed military families. Twenty thousand soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) from Ft. Campbell KY were ordered to Afghanistan by President Obama as part of the 30,000 member troop surge for 2010-11.

Shown in the photo (left to right): Front Row – Sgt. Christopher Vaught, CW3 Scott McCauley, Cpt. Will Blevins.  Second Row – Bill Mathews, Oscar LaFontaine, Aaron Cardwell, Judge/Executive Ted Collins, Bob Barker

Garrard County (Lancaster),
County Judge Executive John Wilson

(L to R): Garrard County Magistrate Doan Adkinson, Magistrate Ronnie Lane, Magistrate Fred Simpson, BMAC Chairman Tom Baker, Special Assistant to the Judge Donna Powell, Garrard County Judge/Executive John Wilson, Garrard County Sheriff Ronald Wardrip, Former Magistrate Marvin Conn, Garrard County Deputy Judge/Executive James Bushnell, Magistrate Joe Leavell

(L to R)Garrard County Magistrate Doan Adkinson, Garrard County Deputy Judge/Executive James Bushnell, Garrard County Judge/Executive John Wilson, BMAC Chairman Tom Baker

Jessamine County (Nicholasville),
County Judge Executive Wm. Neal Cassity

(left-right: Magistrate Burch Hager, Magistrate Terry Meckstroth, Magistrate Bobby Day Wilson, Judge Executive Wm. Neal Cassity, Magistrate Gary Morgan, Magistrate Tim Vaughn, Magistrate George Dean and Sherrif Kevin Corman.)

Madison County (Richmond),
County Judge Executive Kent Cark

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