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About the Bluegrass Military Affairs Coalition Folder

The Bluegrass Military Affairs Coalition is a non-sectarian, non-partisan civilian organization of patriotic individuals, businesses, government, military service organizations, veterans support organizations and all branches of the military. Its purpose is to promote the awareness of our military and educate the public about the Armed Forces of the United States of America, their state of readiness, contributions to our safety and preservation of our freedom. Its services provide support and benefits to military members, veterans and their families.

In 1995, BMAC was formed by volunteers as a local non-profit organization to show support for a strong national defense. In 1999, BMAC was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Kentucky as an independent civilian non-profit corporation to educate the public about the United States Armed Forces. In 2003, BMAC was granted 501(c)(3) non-profit status by the IRS, exempting it from federal income tax and allowing donors to contribute gifts exempt from federal income tax in accordance with the law.


Since 1995, BMAC has conducted an annual recognition dinner on Armed Forces Day featuring remarks by a senior level military commissioned officer, in addition to presenting awards to its members and Active, Guard and Reserve military members and individuals in military youth organizations.

Since 2000, BMAC has conducted an annual observance of Veterans Day, and/or Veterans Appreciation Week, with meal and non-meal activities, awards and presentation by speakers.

Beginning in 2010, BMAC has conducted KY Wounded Warriors Week to provide fun activities for rehabilitating military members from Ft. Campbell, Ft. Knox and Lexington VA Medical Center. It provides an opportunity for Veterans and civilians in Central Kentucky area to meet, have fun with and learn from KY Wounded Warriors during the 9/11 week.


In addition to coordinating Veterans Appreciation Week recognition events, BMAC was instrumental in saving the Lexington VA Medical Center on Leestown Road when the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs CARES Commission 2004 recommended that it be closed.

BMAC also went to bat for OEF/OIF Veterans in 2012 to get a bill passed that would permit KY universities to immediately recognize KY residency and grant in-state tuition to OEF/OIF Veterans who wished to attend classes in pursuit of a degree in the Commonwealth of KY.


BMAC has supported youth care exploration programs for many years, facilitating trips to military bases and on-board U.S. Navy ships; recruiting members; and, providing financial and educational support. Most recently, BMAC has layed the groundwork for the establishment of an Aviation Ground Instruction Course that will be held Summer 2013. The Aviation Ground Instruction Course will provide cadets with an opportunity to earn a private pilot license.

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